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When you were a child, did you have household chores? I’ll admit, it’s not always easy to get our child to do chores. When I was a child, I was in charge of setting the table and clearing it while my brother emptied the trash. We won’t dwell on the fact that I had my nights of whining and stomping my feet with each trip to the table. I was in second grade and was perfectly capable of the tasks I was assigned.

What do my boys do? One of my teen boys knows how to fold laundry while the other is a whiz at the dishes. They don’t do these chores every day, but when things are hectic they are asked to chip in. The boys also pick up the living room sporadically, but this is usually when the majority of the mess is theirs.

Set a Time for Your Child to do Chores

When is it a good time to give chores to your children? Children as young as three will love helping mommy and daddy and can be given tiny tasks to do. Maybe your little one can be on ?crayon patrol,? picking up crayons and placing them in a special basket. Little children can be assigned the occasional small age- appropriate chore to help him or her feel like a part of the working family.

To assign chores to your school aged children, you might want consider your child’s interests. Does your son or daughter enjoy watching you cook? Perhaps they can become a part of meal preparation. Some children find window cleaning fun while others don’t mind taking the trash to the street.

Consider allowing your child to select their own chore. They may be less like to fight among siblings of chore selections. Why don’t you create a chore list as a family and assign someone to each chore. Be sure to include Mom or Dad, because dinner preparation or lawn mowing are certainly necessary chores in the house.

When school is in session, I have my teens focus on their school work during the week rather than on chores. They do not get home until after 6 p.m., so time is short for homework and studying.

On the weekends children can help with the dishes and laundry. When children complete their chores, it provides more time for family time or time to go out with friends. Children should be more accountable over the summer for various jobs around the house. When parents work full time, it is especially true.

Children may feel more like a part of the family rather than hired help when they are involved in chore assignments. Every child is unique and holds his or own special interests and talents. Use those to the advantage of the family unit, making chores seem less like a chore and more like an important family job.

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