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Get Paid to Write: Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

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Freelance writing is a great way to have a career that does not take you away from home. You can work wherever you want and set your own hours. Freelance writing might be the perfect fit for you! Learn how to kick-start your freelance writing career, from finding your niche to building a strong portfolio and mastering the art of pitching. 

In a Nut Shell

  • Jumpstart your freelance writing career in 2023 with the right resources and perseverance.
  • Build a strong portfolio to stand out from the competition, hone your skills & create an online presence.
  • Network, set competitive rates, stay organized & embrace challenges for success!

How Does Freelance Writing Work?

A freelance writer working on a laptop

Venturing into a freelance writing career unveils a plethora of exciting opportunities. Whether it’s content marketing, copywriting, ghostwriting, or technical writing that catches your fancy, there are myriad options available. But how do you kickstart this journey? Initiating your search on online job boards and communities can be a great starting point.

For novice freelance writers, here are some tips to help you succeed:

  1. Polish your writing skills.
  2. Master search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.
  3. Capitalize on any prior writing experiences, even if they are non-professional. By following these tips, you’ll be able to showcase your expertise and attract clients who value your unique writing style.

The freelance writing world is vast and offers numerous exciting opportunities, such as the potential to find freelance writing gigs, earn a good income, and even travel the world while working. To be successful in this field, you must be willing to put in the hard work, stay organized, and continuously improve your craft.

Boost your odds of securing compelling freelance writing gigs by constructing a robust portfolio, expanding your network, and refining your writing skills. Remember, perseverance is key, as most freelance writers face challenges and obstacles throughout their careers. However, with determination and the right resources, you can achieve great success in the world of freelance writing.

Building a Strong Portfolio

A robust portfolio is key to displaying your writing prowess and unique style to prospective clients. One way to create an impressive portfolio is by publishing your articles, including blog posts, on your own website or on platforms like Medium. This allows you to easily share links to your published work with clients, demonstrating your expertise and ability to produce high-quality content.

For a lasting impression on prospective clients, you might want to create a portfolio on a platform such as Contently, enabling a structured and professional display of your writing samples. A well-curated portfolio will not only showcase your writing abilities but also help you stand out from the competition.

Beginner freelance writers should focus on building a strong portfolio and accumulating glowing referrals from satisfied clients to maximize their opportunities. This will not only help you attract new clients but also establish a solid reputation within the freelance writing community.

Remember, your portfolio is a reflection of your skills and expertise. Invest time and effort into creating a compelling showcase of your work, and you’ll be well on your way to securing more writing jobs and growing your freelance writing business.

Improving Your Writing Skills

Refining your writing skills as a freelance writer is pivotal in unlocking opportunities to land lucrative jobs and become a successful freelancer. To achieve your goals and find platforms where you can post freelance writing jobs, it’s essential to continuously work on improving your writing abilities.

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Beginners can find a wealth of resources to improve their writing skills and reach their goals at websites like Smart Blogger, Enchanting Marketing, and Copyblogger. These sources not only provide valuable tips and advice for enhancing your writing skills but may also offer job listings for freelance writing opportunities.

Attention to detail is critical in freelance writing, as small spelling and grammar mistakes can be the deciding factor between a returning client or just a single job. Tools like Grammarly can help you enhance your grammar and spelling skills, ensuring that your work is polished and professional.

Flexibility is another key skill for freelance writers to develop. Being able to adapt your writing style to suit various clients and projects will make you a more versatile and sought-after writer. By continuously learning and growing, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any writing project that comes your way.

Networking and Finding Opportunities

Networking holds immense value for freelance writers, providing a chance to establish a supportive community and stay a step ahead of competitors. Social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook are great places to start connecting with fellow writers and potential clients. For example, on Twitter, you can find job opportunities by following accounts like @Write_Jobs, @WhoPaysWriters, and @JJobs_tweets.

LinkedIn Jobs is another fantastic resource for freelance writers, with over 35,000 job postings for “copywriter” available to explore. Additionally, Freelance Writer’s Den offers writing boot camps, webinars, and even live training for a monthly fee, providing valuable resources to help you become the best writer you can be.

Don’t overlook the potential of working with agencies, which can offer a steady stream of freelance writing opportunities. By diversifying your job search and networking with other writers and potential clients, you’ll increase your chances of landing solid freelance writing gigs.

Remember, networking is an ongoing process. Stay active in online communities, attend networking events, and collaborate with other writers to share insights and learn from their experiences. This will not only help you find new opportunities but also strengthen your skills and knowledge within the freelance writing industry.

Top Platforms and Job Boards for Freelance Writing Jobs

A picture showing a laptop with a notepad and pen, representing freelance writing jobs for beginners on top platforms and job boards.

There are numerous platforms and job boards where beginners can find freelance writing jobs, such as:

  • FlexJobs
  • Upwork
  • ProBlogger
  • Freelance Writers Den
  • Copify
  • Behance Creative Jobs
  • Smart Blogger Jobs Board
  • Be a Freelance Blogger
  • Journalism Jobs
  • Fiverr

Each platform offers unique opportunities and resources for finding writing jobs that suit your skills and interests.

FlexJobs, for instance, provides a selection of part-time, full-time, and entry-level writing jobs, while Upwork offers fixed-rate prices and hourly jobs. features a wide range of opportunities, including blogging and marketing jobs, writing, proofreading, journalism, non-profit gigs, copywriting jobs, social media, and technical writing.

It’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using each platform. For example, FlexJobs provides access to career coaches, reviews of companies, and resume reviews, but requires a subscription fee. On the other hand, Upwork allows you to find jobs with flexible pricing but may involve competing with low-paying rates.

By exploring various platforms and job boards, you can discover a diverse array of freelance writing opportunities that cater to your skills and interests. Some popular platforms and job boards for freelance writers include:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • ProBlogger Job Board

Don’t be afraid to try out different platforms and job boards to find the one that works best for you and your writing career goals.

Pitching and Landing Your First Gig

Securing your first freelance writing gig might appear daunting, yet with a suitable strategy, you can obtain a job that kickstarts your journey to success. To start freelance writing, craft effective pitches and tailor your writing samples to showcase your expertise and knowledge in a specific niche. A well-crafted pitch can truly wow editors and clients, so be sure to avoid rookie mistakes and take advantage of helpful pointers from resources like “How to Write a Pitch That’ll Wow Editors & Clients”.

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One strategy for beginner freelance writers to find writing gigs is to pitch their services to companies and products they already use. By highlighting your experience as an avid user and demonstrating your understanding of their target market, you can make a strong case for why you’re the perfect writer for the job. Don’t forget to propose a fair price based on your research and expertise.

By proactively sending pitches and leveraging your personal experience, you can increase your chances of landing freelance writing jobs. For instance, freelance writer Julie Wilson earned $1,000 in her first month by sending 30 emails to potential clients.

Remember, persistence is key when pitching and landing your first gig. Don’t be discouraged by initial rejections; instead, learn from them and refine your approach to become a more effective and successful freelance writer.

Setting Rates and Negotiating Contracts

Establishing competitive rates and negotiating contracts are vital components of your freelance writing venture. Understanding factors that influence your rates, such as the speed of your work and the type of project, will help you determine a fair price for your writing services.

As a beginner freelance writer, it’s essential to leverage your knowledge and expertise to charge higher rates. Keep in mind that the typical rate for mid-range freelance writers is around $0.25 USD or even higher per word. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with clients and advocate for yourself to ensure you’re receiving fair compensation for your work.

By setting competitive rates and negotiating contracts, you’ll not only ensure fair payment but also establish clear expectations with clients. This will help you build a strong working relationship with clients and contribute to the overall success of your freelance writing business.

Staying Organized and Managing Time

Maintaining organization and effectively managing time are crucial for meeting deadlines and sustaining a triumphant freelance writing career. One strategy for staying on top of deadlines is to use a calendar or planner to set reminders for upcoming tasks and schedule meetings with clients. This will help you stay organized and prevent important deadlines from slipping through the cracks.

Another key aspect of time management is prioritizing tasks and completing them based on importance. Here are the steps to prioritize tasks effectively:

  1. Create a list of tasks.
  2. Assign each task a priority level, such as high, medium, or low.
  3. Focus on the most important tasks first.
  4. Ensure all tasks are accomplished in a timely manner.

By following these steps, you can effectively prioritize your tasks and manage your time more efficiently.

Maintaining a decluttered workspace and detailed records is also crucial for staying organized and managing your time effectively. Develop a filing system for all assignments, submissions, and responses, and keep your workspace free of unnecessary items to create a productive and organized environment.

By staying organized and managing your time effectively, you’ll be better equipped to handle multiple projects and deadlines, ultimately leading to a more successful and fulfilling freelance writing career.

Building a Personal Brand and Online Presence

Cultivating a personal brand and sustaining an online presence are key to drawing clients and positioning yourself as a specialist in your field. Selecting a niche early on and building expertise in that area will help you stand out from other writers and attract clients who are searching for someone with your specialized skills and knowledge.

Starting a blog is an excellent way to showcase your writing skills and attract potential clients. Use your blog to share your writing samples, discuss topics within your industry, and offer valuable advice to your readers. This will help you position yourself as an expert in your field and demonstrate your writing abilities to potential clients.

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Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can also be used to engage with your audience and promote your work. Here are some ways you can utilize these platforms:

  • Share your writing samples
  • Connect with potential clients
  • Build relationships with other writers in your field
  • Develop a strong online presence
  • Boost your visibility in the freelance writing market

By utilizing these strategies, you can effectively engage with your audience and increase your chances of success in the freelance writing industry.

By building a personal brand and maintaining an online presence, you’ll not only attract new clients but also establish a solid reputation within the freelance writing community, paving the way for a successful career.

Dealing with Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles

Every freelance writer inevitably encounters challenges and hurdles in their career. Nevertheless, equipped with the correct mindset and strategies, these obstacles can be overcome, paving the way for a successful writing career.

Some of the common challenges faced by freelance writers include:

  • Finding reliable clients
  • Managing their own time
  • Setting their own rates
  • Handling rejection gracefully

By building a strong portfolio, networking with other writers and potential clients, honing your writing skills, and setting competitive rates, you can conquer these challenges and thrive in your freelance writing career, becoming one of the successful freelance writers.

Staying organized and managing your time effectively is crucial for staying on track, while building a personal brand and online presence can help you stand out from the competition. Additionally, learning how to pitch effectively and land your first gig can be the key to unlocking success in your freelance writing career.

Remember, perseverance and resilience are essential traits for any successful freelance writer. Embrace the challenges you face, learn from your setbacks, and continue to grow and improve as a writer, and you’ll be well on your way to a fulfilling and prosperous career.

Circling Back Around

Launching a successful freelance writing career requires dedication, hard work, and the right strategies. By finding your niche, building a strong portfolio, improving your writing skills, networking, and managing your time effectively, you’ll be well on your way to achieving success and thriving in the world of freelance writing. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to embark on your freelance writing journey and unlock the exciting opportunities that await you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start freelance writing with no experience?

Start your freelance writing journey by researching local small businesses and turning their websites into rewrites, creating business emails, finding abandoned blogs, writing for marketing agencies, writing for local magazines, reporting articles for local news media, and even turning your former employer into a client.

How do I start writing for freelancer?

To start writing for freelancing, choose an area of focus, create a portfolio website, write samples, market your writing business, practice and improve skills, and network with other freelance writers. Additionally, research the industry, develop necessary business skills, understand current writing conventions, decide on a niche, and learn about SEO.

Can I make $1000 a month freelance writing?

You can absolutely make $1,000 a month freelance writing with little to no experience. The go-getters I know have even earned up to $200K a year from their freelance copywriting gigs!

How can I get paid for writing immediately?

Start your freelancing journey today by signing up to platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Copyhackers, where you can get paid for writing immediately. There are also daily-paying sites such as Listverse, Postloop and Vibrant Life that offer fast payment solutions. So don’t wait – start making money writing articles right now!

How can I find the best job boards and platforms for freelance writing jobs?

Start your search by exploring FlexJobs, Upwork, ProBlogger, and Fiverr to find the best freelance writing job board for you – compare benefits and drawbacks of each to get the perfect fit!

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