How to Make Homemade OxicleanA few years ago, I purchased carpet cleaner for pet stain remover from our local Petco store that promised to take out pet stains and odor. We had just gotten our new puppy and she had accidents pretty much everywhere during her housebreaking training. Of course the day came when we ran out of that little red miracle bottle. There’s never a good time to run out of something like that as you don’t let puppy accidents sit on the carpet until your next trip to the store.

Without hesitation, I went to my laptop to look for a homemade Oxiclean remedy online that would be safe for carpets since that was an ingredient listed on the bottle. To my surprise, there was such a homemade concoction. The great thing is that there were only two ingredients needed for one of these recipes and I had both in my house, washing soda and hydrogen peroxide (water was a given).

I actually found a few different recipes during my search. Some used baking soda instead of washing soda but the general consensus on those sites was that the washing soda worked better than the baking soda on stains. Some recipes called for both and all were natural or organic. You can search online if you want to try other homemade Oxiclean recipes, but here is the one I used and it worked well as a laundry booster.

Homemade Oxiclean – DIY Pet Stain Remover Recipe


Here’s how to make your own pet stain remover.

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/2 cup washing soda powder


Mix water, washing soda and peroxide together and pour in spray bottle. That’s it. Be sure to spray or test an area of your carpet before using for stain remover as discoloration can occur on some carpets. Let sit on sprayed area over night.

How I Used My DIY Stain Remover Solution

I made my solution and poured it back into the dark colored peroxide plastic bottle and added a sprayer on top, a huge mistake! I left mine on the sink for about two hours, came back and found the bottle bloated so badly that it wouldn’t stand up. The bottom was more round than flat and the solution was oozing out of the top around the sprayer. What happened next must have been a funny sight for my daughter who saw Mom grab the bottle thinking it might explode running to the back door loudly asking her to open the door and to hurry. It didn’t explode although the bottom of the bottle was now permanently round. I tossed it and ordered a glass amber bottle online with a sprayer on top to use for the next time. It worked perfectly.

The best thing about this whole thing is that this is green with no chemicals and this solution can be used on clothing stains or anything Oxiclean was used for and you might just have the ingredients on hand like I did.

Lately, I have been on a mission to see how many products I can make at home and also save my family money. Next, I will post a laundry detergent recipe that I have my eye on that is supposed to save money. My only question is, how well does it work? We shall see.

Note: If you do not have washing soda but do have baking soda, you can turn it into washing soda powder by doing the following according to an article: Spread a box of baking soda so it bakes evenly on a cookie sheet (with sides). Place it in the oven for an hour at 300 degrees F. Let cool. Because it will become more alkaline after baking, it would be best to use gloves and a spoon to handle it. Scoop it into a container and its ready to use as washing soda.

DIY Homemade Oxiclean


  1. Lisa Wingerter Reply

    This is very cool. I can’t wait to try it (and with a toddler at home, I probably won?t have to wait long!)

  2. This is a great trick! Those cleaners are so expensive!!! Thanks for including the part about making washing soda from baking soda, that’s very helpful.

  3. The stomach bug was going around and my toddler vomited all over the bed. Did a mix like this and it worked wonders on the odor! Thank you!

  4. Just what I needed! Our puppy is in her potty training days as well, and those little bottles get pretty expensive with how often we need to use it!!

  5. Great recipe! Also, I did not know you could turn baking soda into washing soda by baking it! Neat 🙂

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