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Fun Summer Recipe: Watermelon Stars on Skewers

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This is a deliciously easy watermelon treat, watermelon stars, and something you definitely want to do with your kids this summer (or for your kids). great for July 4th and all summer long!  Cut off the end of a watermelon and clean out insides in one clean swoop and one piece, to preserve the watermelon inside for star shaping. Turn the leftover shell over into a paper bowl.

No problem at all! Let’s revise that to include skewers in the process. Here’s the updated blog post with SEO-friendly headings:

Who Would Enjoy Watermelon Stars on Skewers?

I’ve been brainstorming some creative ways to make our summer snacks a bit more fun and exciting. And guess what? I’ve found the perfect idea – Watermelon Stars on Skewers! Yes, you read that right. Stars made out of juicy, refreshing watermelon, served on skewers. It’s like a little slice of summer fun on a stick!

Now, you might be wondering, “Who would enjoy these cute little stars?” The answer is – everyone! If you have little ones running around, they’re going to be over the moon with these star-shaped treats. And let’s not forget us adults, we deserve some fun in our food too, right? Imagine serving these at your next backyard BBQ or summer party. They’re not just delicious and refreshing, they’re a conversation starter!

Easy Watermelon Stars on Skewers Recipe

Alright, let’s dive into the recipe. It’s super simple, I promise.

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– A ripe watermelon
– A star-shaped cookie cutter
– Skewers


1. Start by slicing your watermelon into about 1-inch thick rounds. Make sure they’re thick enough to hold the shape of the star.

2. Grab your star-shaped cookie cutter and press it into the watermelon slice. It’s just like making cookies, but way healthier!

3. Carefully push the watermelon star out of the cookie cutter. Be gentle, we don’t want any broken stars.

4. Repeat this process with the rest of your watermelon slices.

5. Now, take your skewers and thread each watermelon star onto a skewer. You can add as many as you like, just be sure to leave enough room at the bottom for holding!

6. Once you’re done, you can serve them immediately, or you can chill them in the fridge for a bit. They’re extra refreshing when they’re cold!

And there you have it, my dear reader – adorable, tasty watermelon stars on skewers. They’re the perfect treat for a hot summer day, and I’m sure they’ll be a hit at your next gathering. I can’t wait for you to try this out. Do let me know how it goes, okay? Enjoy your watermelon stars on skewers and have a starry summer!


How to Make Watermelon Star Popsicles

If your children are really young and the skewer idea is a little scary, use popsicle sticks instead. Just stick them into the watermelon and freeze. Don’t forget the display stand from the above, it makes it so much cuter.

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  1. These are a great idea! I think I will have to bring these to our 4th of July picnic the family has every year. My kids love watermelon and I bet they will really enjoy these.
    Thank you for sharing these 🙂

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