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The Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

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The beauty industry is an ever-growing market, and what better way to combine your passion for beauty with a lucrative business opportunity than by joining the best beauty affiliate programs? With the right strategy, dedication, and knowledge, you too can turn your passion into a successful venture.  For the best health and wellness affiliate programs, if you have an interest, check out shareasale for a barrage of options.

In a Nutshell

  • Explore high-performing beauty affiliate programs for women for supplemental income potential.
  • Choose from top programs like Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Dermstore and more to maximize commission earnings.
  • Utilize content creation, social media platforms and performance monitoring strategies for successful affiliate marketing in the beauty industry.

Understanding Beauty Affiliate Programs

Beauty products and cosmetics on display in a store

Beauty affiliate programs provide a channel for bloggers and influencers to endorse beauty products, earning commissions on sales via their unique tracking links. These programs offer affiliate marketers an avenue to earn supplemental income by promoting products they are passionate about. Two common commission models employed in the beauty industry are percentage commissions and pay-per-sale model.

With a wide range of beauty affiliate programs available, such as makeup products and beauty supplies retailers:

  • Sephora
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Dermstore
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Glossier

You have numerous options to choose from and cater to your audience’s taste and preferences.

Wondering how to pinpoint the best makeup affiliate programs for your niche? Continue reading to explore high-performing and niche-specific beauty affiliate programs that could pave your way to success in this competitive field.

High-Performing Beauty Affiliate Programs

How much do Sephora affiliates make?

Some of the best beauty affiliate programs that stand out from the rest due to their competitive commission rates and wide range of products to promote are:

  • Sephora
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Dermstore
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Glossier

Aligning with these well-established brands avails the opportunity to leverage their success and expand your affiliate marketing business.


As a renowned cosmetics and beauty brand, the Sephora affiliate program offers the following perks:

  • Commission rate of up to 10% per sale
  • Access to marketing materials and resources
  • Exclusive affiliate newsletters
  • Product previews
  • Professional-quality creatives
  • Free shipping on all orders of $50 or more
  • Free samples with all purchases

With such attractive offerings, it’s no wonder Sephora stands out in both the makeup and beauty industry and the cosmetics industry, attracting beauty lovers from all over.

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The higher commission rate offered by Sephora, up to 10% per sale, sets it apart from other beauty affiliate programs, making it a profitable option for affiliates. Additionally, the added perks of free shipping and samples can further entice your audience to try out the products, making it easier for you to generate sales and commissions.

Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty, the largest beauty retailer in the US, offers an affiliate program with a commission rate of up to 10% per sale. This extensive range of products includes:

  • Makeup
  • Haircare
  • Nail care
  • Skincare

These products are from over 500 established and niche brands, catering to a wide variety of audience preferences.

As an Ulta Beauty affiliate, you can enjoy numerous benefits such as:

  • 2-hour in-store pickup
  • Free shipping offers
  • Free gifts
  • Coupon codes
  • Affiliate specials

Although the cookie duration is not explicitly stated, the attractive commission rate and benefits make Ulta Beauty’s affiliate program an appealing choice for beauty bloggers.


Dermstore, an online retailer offering a wide selection of products from renowned brands and specialty items, presents a competitive affiliate program with a commission rate of up to 8% per sale. Dermstore focuses on professional-strength skincare products, setting itself apart from other beauty affiliate programs.

As a Dermstore affiliate, you can benefit from free returns, a high average order size, an up-to-date product feed, and a supportive affiliate team. Dermstore offers its affiliates a range of features, such as “shop now, pay later”, new customer coupon codes and a customer cashback program. These features can be incorporated into affiliate links. With such offerings, promoting Dermstore can be a profitable venture for any beauty affiliate.

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics, known for its sophisticated packaging, superior ingredients, and cutting-edge innovation, offers an affiliate program with a commission rate of up to 10%. Partnering with this popular brand can potentially yield a substantial income for beauty affiliates.

MAC Cosmetics’ affiliate program is available through the following networks:

  • FlexOffers
  • Skimlinks
  • Sovrn
  • Rakuten

Although the cookie duration is either not specified or relatively short, at 7 days, the attractive commission rate and brand recognition make MAC Cosmetics’ affiliate program worth considering.


Glossier, a digitally native beauty brand, offers a global affiliate program with a commission rate of 15% per sale. Though it has a limited product range, Glossier boasts high conversion rates, making it an attractive option for beauty affiliates.

As a Glossier affiliate, you can gain access to product launch previews and invitations to exclusive events. Despite the short cookie duration of just one day, Glossier’s high commission rate and unique product offerings make it a potentially lucrative choice for beauty affiliates.

Niche-Specific Beauty Affiliate Programs

If you’re looking to target specific audiences and interests, niche-specific beauty affiliate programs might be the perfect fit. These programs cater to cruelty-free, organic and natural, and luxury beauty brands, allowing you to focus on a particular aspect of the beauty industry that resonates with your audience.

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Joining a niche-specific beauty affiliate program allows for the creation of content that resonates with a specific audience.

Cruelty-Free Brands

Cruelty-free brands like Tarte Cosmetics and Fenty Beauty offer affiliate programs that cater to an audience concerned about ethical products. Tarte Cosmetics’ affiliate program offers a commission rate of 10% with a 7-day cookie duration. Fenty Beauty’s affiliate program, on the other hand, provides a flat commission rate of 10% on all sales.

Promoting cruelty-free brands allows you to engage with a growing audience that values ethical and sustainable products, making it a profitable niche to explore in the beauty affiliate marketing space.

Organic and Natural Brands

Eco-friendly and sustainable products are becoming increasingly popular, and organic and natural brands like Yves Rocher and True Natural have taken notice. Yves Rocher offers an advantageous commission rate of 15% on every sale referred through your affiliate link.

True Natural, on the other hand, provides access to various benefits through their affiliate program. By promoting organic and natural brands with natural ingredients, you can tap into a unique market segment that values environmentally friendly products, potentially increasing your affiliate sales and commissions.

Luxury Beauty Brands

Luxury beauty brands, such as Chanel and Charlotte Tilbury, offer affiliate programs that focus on high-quality, exclusive products. Charlotte Tilbury’s affiliate program offers an average commission rate of 10%, while Chanel’s program provides an average commission rate of 9.7% per sale.

By partnering with luxury beauty brands, you can:

  • Attract customers who are willing to invest in high-quality, premium products
  • Potentially result in higher commission earnings
  • Achieve long-term success in the beauty affiliate marketing space.

Tips for Success in Beauty Affiliate Marketing

True success in beauty affiliate marketing demands the application of effective strategies and ongoing optimization of your approach.

This section provides success tips, like selecting products that ignite your passion, crafting engaging content, leveraging social media platforms, and keeping an eye on your performance.

Choose Products You’re Passionate About

Choosing products that you are passionate about plays a significant role in your success in beauty affiliate marketing. When you genuinely believe in the products you promote, your audience can sense your authentic enthusiasm, making them more likely to trust your recommendations and convert into customers.

Moreover, having a thorough understanding of the products you promote helps you communicate their benefits more effectively and answer any questions your audience may have. This level of expertise can significantly boost your credibility and, ultimately, your affiliate sales.

Create Engaging Content

Crafting captivating content is key to drawing in and holding your audience’s attention. Consider producing various types of content, such as:

  • Tutorials
  • Product reviews
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
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By providing valuable and captivating content, you can establish yourself as a trusted source in the beauty niche.

Consistency is key when it comes to content creation. Regularly producing high-quality content not only helps you build a loyal following but also increases your chances of ranking higher on search engine results, driving more traffic to your affiliate links and boosting your sales.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Leveraging social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, can expand your reach and channel more traffic to your affiliate links. Instagram offers a visual platform perfect for showcasing beauty products and engaging with your audience through captivating content and collaborations with influencers.

Pinterest, on the other hand, allows you to create visually appealing content that can be easily shared and discovered by users interested in beauty products. By leveraging the power of social media, you can significantly enhance your beauty affiliate marketing efforts and reach a wider audience.

Monitor Your Performance

Keeping track of your performance is vital for fine-tuning your beauty affiliate marketing strategy and securing long-term success. By tracking the number of clicks and conversions generated through your affiliate links, you can identify trends and patterns that can help you improve your marketing efforts.

Additionally, assessing the performance of different beauty affiliate programs allows you to:

  • Identify which ones deliver the best results
  • Focus on the most profitable programs
  • Continuously adjust your strategy
  • Maximize your earnings
  • Achieve success in the world of beauty affiliate marketing.

Circling Back Around

The world of beauty affiliate marketing offers numerous opportunities for those passionate about beauty products and eager to share their expertise with others. By partnering with high-performing and niche-specific beauty affiliate programs, creating engaging content, utilizing social media platforms, and monitoring your performance, you can unlock the secrets to success in this lucrative industry. Now, it’s time to embark on your own beauty affiliate marketing journey and turn your passion into profits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most profitable affiliate?

Technology is the most profitable affiliate, as it is the broadest niche and is projected to reach over $5.5 billion in 2023, with the US accounting for nearly one-third of the global tech market.

How much do Sephora affiliates make?

The Sephora Affiliate Program pays up to 10% commissions on sales made through links that you post, with at least a 5% commission guaranteed for all products.

What is an Ulta affiliate?

As an Ulta affiliate, you can promote their products on your website to earn commissions, tracking clicks for 30 days through your link. You are also providing a smooth shopping experience for customers on

Can you make $10,000 a month with affiliate marketing?

Yes, it is possible to earn $10,000 a month with affiliate marketing by promoting high-ticket products, though success is dependent on various factors.

What commission models are commonly used in beauty affiliate programs?

The two most commonly used commission models in beauty affiliate programs are percentage commissions and pay-per-sale models.

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