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Talking to your Daughter about Her Menstrual Period

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daughter menstrual period
When my mother was a young girl, she said parents didn’t talk about things like the Birds and the Bees or a menstrual period. When it came to learning about her period my grandmother said, ?When you are a little older something will happen to you and here is what you will need. Times have certainly changed, giving moms the freedom to speak openly to their daughters about their periods.

My daughter has known about menstruation since she was young. While in the bathroom with me she asked what “those things are for.” On the spur of the moment I answered with a completely honest answer, although a simple one.

There wasn’t a bit of fear in her eyes after hearing my quick explanation. I gave her just enough information to satisfy her curiosity without asking more questions. But the seed was planted, allowing her to ask about it when she got a little older.

And ask she did. I gave her a more in depth explanation, describing the lining of the uterus and how it “cleans itself out” monthly if you don’t get pregnant. I was asked if it hurts and how long it goes on, but that was about it.

Now that my daughter is almost ten, the “finer points” have been discussed. Again, the questions were prompted by her. “How do you feel?” “When will it happen?” “Do those hurt?” Not only does she feel no fear, but she is a little excited about starting.

I have to admit to telling her about cravings for chocolate and the occasional bad mood. I will never forget fussing at her about something and her asking, “Oh, do you have your period?” As innocent as that question was, I had to laugh out loud.

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Have you had “the talk” with your daughter?

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