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Penguin Cheese Ball Recipe

  • 1 min read

We found this cute penguin cheese ball recipe that seems pretty easy and fun to make. Ingredients you will need are cream cheese, olives (in different sizes), carrots, a red bell pepper and toothpicks. This cheese ball recipe is sure to please at any winter party.

Photo of caramel machiatto cheesecake

Caramel Machiatto Cheesecake Recipe

  • 2 min read

The perfect decadence for all you cheesecake and cream cheese lovers out there. This sweet extravagance pairs the creaminess of a spicy coffee inspired cheesecake with the sweetness of caramel & vanilla. It’s enough to make you swoon and come back for more! Ingredients: 2 cups of graham crackers (crushed) 1/2 cup of melted butter… 

best spaghetti sauce recipe

The Best Spaghetti Recipe Ever

  • 2 min read

Why can’t spaghetti sauce at restaurants taste better? That’s what my daughter asked me tonight while eating dinner. Mind you, I don’t have time to make homemade, I do the thirty minute meals (my own, not Rachel Ray’s). I created my own thirty minute meals many many years ago when I had three little ones…