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Girl’s Clothing Recall by My Michelle

  • 1 min read

Due to risk of lead exposure, there has been a recall on girls clothing by “My Michelle” by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and “My Michelle” of New York. Voluntarily recalled means, in cooperation with the retailer. These cute tops and dresses have jewelry or ornamental trim that has lead in them. This recall involves… 

Flashlight Recall from Dollar Tree

  • 2 min read

Dollar Tree has announced a voluntary recall of 270,000 children?s brand superhero projector flashlights as they pose a burn risk & fire hazard. According to the recall, first reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) the bulb or batteries of the Spiderman, Iron Man 2 or Wolverine flashlights can become too hot to the… 

Similac Formula Recall

  • 2 min read

Similac announced a recall on a lot of its formula recently, stating that an investigation revealed that the baby food contained pieces of insect bodies, causing a risk of infant exposure and possible harm by consumption. The report states that contaminated Similac formula may have tiny pieces of beetle or its larvae within which could…