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Eden’s Garden Essential Oils Review: Soothe and Smooth

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Eden's Garden Essential Oils ReviewI just ordered the new “Soothe and Smooth” essential oil blend from Eden’s Garden. After reading the wonderful reviews about how glorious this blend smells in addition to how much it improves skin conditions, I decided to place my order. My daughter suffers from Eczema and my dry skin needs some refreshing! All of the oils in this blend have healing properties, anti-aging properties and more.

Consider making your own homemade body butter

The “Soothe and Smooth” blend has oils in it that I would blend together on my own but thankfully I don’t need to order 14-15 bottles of the various single oils to make it. Another thing that I love about Eden’s Garden is that they have a section on their website showing what oils are safe for kids. Love it!  They have a great selection of carrier oils in case you would like to make your own beautiful scent by blending your own.  Just be sure that you know how to dilute essential oils for safety reasons.

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Essential Oils in Soothe and Smooth Blend


Reviews from some readers:

I don’t make money from sharing this, just so excited to order it today. I’ve been impressed with all the oils I’ve gotten from Eden’s Garden over the past two years and have no complaints. Pricing is so much better than the MLM brands. From my research, and they’ll argue with me about the quality and difference between the brands, I haven’t noticed anything different other than the smell and I’ve done a lot of research. All brands have their own individual smell depending on their source. One essential oil may be sourced from India and another brand of the same oil may come from Bosnia, yet they smell somehow different.

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I plan to add this blend to some beeswax and cocoa butter for a body lotion and face serum. In addition, I’ll make a healing balm with it using the oils, coconut oil and beeswax. The different DIY products you can make from this is endless to help health minded folks like us move away from the toxic ingredients in many drugstore products. Let me know if you’ve tried it, yet. Please leave a review in the comments.

You can use it in the body butter recipe and healing balm, I posted both here, Body Butter Recipe.

Soothe & Smooth Review for Skin

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