snow fun

Get ready for some snow fun with your kids. It’s snowing out, what’s a mom to do?

Playing in the snow is a lot of fun, but can get old after the first day or two. What are some fun things you can do when there is snow outside?

  • Paint the Snow: When it snow fun, my children always ask for what they call snow paint. I usually have a few inexpensive spray bottles on hand that I can fill with water. Then I add a few drops of food coloring to each bottle, creating paint the children use in the snow. The children love to color their snowmen, create colored snowballs and spray messages in the snow.
  • Snow Cream: Before the kids (and dog!) play in the snow I send them out for a bowl of fresh, clean snow. To make snow cream, place eight cups of clean snow in a bowl. Add one cup of sugar, one cup of milk and two teaspoons of vanilla. Mix the ingredients and serve immediately. We have tried to freeze snow cream and decided to throw it away later in the day. You can use sweetened condensed milk instead of whole milk and even add a packet of hot chocolate mix for chocolate snow cream.
  • Build a Fort: There are several ways you can build a fort in the snow. Get the neighborhood kids to work together to make one large fort to fit them all. The easiest way to build a snow fort is to create a walled circle with an opening for a door. You can use branches for a roof, a sheet or even pieces of wood. A tarp can be used for the floor so people can actually sit in the fort. Use buckets or washpans to create snow bricks.
  • Snow Sculptures: You?ve seen sand sculptures, so why not snow sculptures! Pick your favorite cartoon character and create a snow scene around that character.


  1. Building a fort is one of the best things you can do in the snow. Can’t wait for us to get snow so I can do this with my son.

    • Oh Latoya, I have so many fond memories building forts in the snow, lol. And don’t forget the snowball fights!

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