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Similac Formula Recall

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Similac announced a recall on a lot of its formula recently, stating that an investigation revealed that the baby food contained pieces of insect bodies, causing a risk of infant exposure and possible harm by consumption.

The report states that contaminated Similac formula may have tiny pieces of beetle or its larvae within which could cause medical issues within the gastrointestinal system of the child involved.

The lot, involving upwards of five million units, is identified as being numbered as 2010 and was sold in Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. and some Caribbean countries. Also identified as being sold in powder-form, the formula was described as being in plastic packaging and some can containers in the count of 8 oz., 12.4 oz., and 12.9 oz.

Similac is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, and the contaminated formula was produced in their Michigan facility. However, not all Abbott Laboratories products are part of the recall. In particular, Abbott liquid formula is not part of the products listed in the recall. Further, all of the lot numbers associated with the recall are listed on a PDF. Note the accompanying image above to see how to identify the lot number on Abbott Laboratory products.

Customers with questions/comments can also call Abbott Laboratories help line directly at (800) 986-8850. If you cannot get through, alternate numbers to use are (800) 545-5216; (800) 515-7677; (800) 986-8800; (847) 937-6100; (847) 935-8865; (847) 935-3456.

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