SEO Strategy Calendar

How to get more traffic and better rankings with the seo strategy calendar

What if I could show you how to get a lot of free
traffic right now to your website or blog and help you increase your rankings in search engines?


Does this sound familiar?

Most of us try to consistently write awesome blog posts or articles, share them on our favorite social media platforms and then wait for the traffic to come, only to be frustrated when it never does. I feel you, been there, done that, no fun!

You then add the recommended SEO Plugin, optimize according to plugin directions and… nothing…. no increase in traffic!

You read numerous blogs and articles on SEO (and I mean alot!), maybe a little bit of traffic but not much. Next comes frustration and overwhelm. Who needs that?

What if you could…

significantly increase your traffic using a simple weekly calendar format to build momentum? What if you stopped your daily calendar activities and your traffic kept going up on it’s own?  That’s exactly what happened in our case studies using the SEO Strategy Calendar method.

On a whim, a top marketer shared one of his secrets for propelling his brand forward using social media along with organic SEO strategies. I decided to try them. You could have knocked me over with a feather. They worked! I’ve been using this system with a few improved tweaks for several months and have created step by step instructions on a weekly calendar. It’s yours if you want it!  


The SEO Strategy calendar

The SEO Strategy Calendar is an easy done for you weekly schedule used  for performing specific SEO tasks that produce fast results when done consistently.  The calendar combines on-page blog post optimization and specific social media actions to grow traffic.  Google ranks pages for quality content optimized properly.  In addition, they rank sites that show good social signals (like, shares, follow) or popularity.  Combining the two can be powerful in gaining traffic and rankings.  Follow the guidelines in the material provided and perform the associated tasks to create momentum and gain natural backlinks.

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the SEO Calendar Can …

  • Increase traffic to your blog or website
  • Move you up in search engine rankings
  • No more guesswork since you have a set plan
  • Leverage social media to help grow your traffic
  • Automate tasks to save you time
  • Gives you an easy step-by-step guide
  • Alleviate stress and overwhelm
  • Help you get more organized
  • Get unstuck by actively using proven SEO strategies


  • SEO Strategy Calendar Tutorial with 13 pages of Step by Step Instructions
  • Done for You Weekly Schedule for SEO tasks
  • Blog Post SEO Strategies for Organic Reach
  • Social Media Strategies to Build Traffic
  • Hacks and Tips for Social Media Boosting
  • Checklist for tasks to be performed in the Weekly Calendar

This is a digital product for downloading only

plus Over $225 worth of bonuses


This is my personal Tailwind Tribes list that I used to generate hundreds of thousands of monthly viewers.

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This is my personal private Facebook groups list. I spent countless hours searching and acquiring membership.

Bonus 3

Where I find high quality images for social media and blog posts. Some are free and some are paid. Most of what I use is free.

get started with the seo strategy calendar


only 4 Easy steps to follow

Purchase the SEO Strategy Calendar and download it.

Set up plugins and social media accounts.

Perform the tasks written on each weekly calendar day.

Tick off the attached checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

get started with the seo strategy calendar


And you say, Whoa! How do you know all this?

You see, in 1999, I suddenly lost my husband when we were expecting our last child. I needed to turn my hobby website into a revenue burning machine. I used reverse SEO to drive 400,000 users to my website and then sold it for almost half a million and routinely made over $10,000 per month before selling it (see image below).  With five children plus one on the way,  it was awesome to be able to work from home and control my own schedule!  My kids needed me at home to help them heal.

Fast track to now, 20 years later and you’ll see a new strategy that I’ve been having success with that I’d like to share with you. It works!

While I can’t guarantee your results due to the many components of search engine algorithms that are not predictable, I do believe you will see the value as I have when you start using these strategies.  I wish you much success!

Tina Yantz

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