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10 Natural Sunburn Remedies To Try At Home

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Some of the best sunburn remedies are natural remedies, from milk baths to oatmeal. As a person who would rather find natural solutions to most every problem at home, I was glad to run into a website that had information on natural sunburn remedies and summarized them below.

Here are ten natural remedies that can be found in your pantry or refrigerator and are sure to bring relief to those suffering from sunburn. Breaking off the leaf of an aloe vera plant and rubbing it on your sunburn can also bring relief.   If you plan on purchasing aloe from a store, watch this first, “How to Distinguish Between Good and Bad Aloe Vera Products”.

Sunburn Remedies to Try at Home


Boil a head of lettuce, throw away the leaves and place the left over water in the refrigerator. After it cools, apply to sunburn with cotton balls. Reapply every couple of hours.

Corn starch:

Lightly dust sunburned area and cover. Leave on until you shower or at least 24-48 hours.

Aloe Vera:

Break off a piece of an aloe vera plant and squeeze juice to surface and rub on the sunburn.


For best results, use an Aveeno oatmeal pouch in luke warm bath water and soak for 15-20 minutes. Oatmeal can be added directly to bath water although the Aveeno oatmeal pouches if you have them are best.

Green tea:

Make a cup of green tea, cool it an place it in a spray bottle to be sprayed on sunburned skin.

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Dairy products:

Milk baths and yogurt masks are not as good for your burn as a bath of goat yogurt or goat milk, as they tend to be less apt to have high hormone levels. If you don’t have any of these dairy items, sour cream is another alternative.

Fresh pickles:

Use fresh pickles to sooth sunburn. Slice thin and lay directly on skin for about 15 minutes.


Eggs can help with inflammation. This is going to sound odd, but crack an egg and throw away the yolk and egg white, pull out the skin membrane from the shell and apply the sticky side to sunburn. Allow the egg skin to dry on your burn and do not get it wet for two days.


You’ll have to tell me if this one works. It sounds difficult to do, but was part of this list, so I’m going to pass it along. It is said that sunburned skin can be soothed by taking a raw potato and mashing it with the potato skin still on. Experts say it helps heal burns, reduces inflammation and prevents infection.


It’s no surprise to me that strawberries are in this list, since it is used in many cool summer recipes. Applying them to sunburn can cool the skin as well because they have anti-inflammatory properties.

It is recommended that you do a test on your skin for a short time  period at least a day before you go all day in the sun using any natural remedies.  

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