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Nail Polish that Lasts

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I knew it! Nail polish that lasts does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Over the summer my adult daughter told me about an inexpensive nail polish that was as good if not better than many high end brand polishes. Drumroll please… the winner is Sinful Colors!

Consumer Reports put Sinful Colors up against a $27 bottle of Chanel and it came out on top. The report says that 4 out of 10 who tested the Chanel brand said it chipped the day they applied it. See image below. Now this report came out several months back, but I just found it.

Chanel wasn’t the only polish that tested poorly.  Nutra Nail was the next highest priced nail polish on their list which claims to have ding-free protection.  Nutra Nail did the worst in the testing since it required three coats of activator and two coats of polish. Seven out of the 10 who used the polish said it chipped on the same day they put it on. One person said that the smell was so horrible that they wouldn’t used the product again based on that fact alone.

The price isn’t the only thing special about Sinful Colors. This polish dries super shiny like a gel based manicure that takes me about an hour in the nail salon. I can do this at home at just $2 a bottle that will last me many applications. I do admit that I use the Sinful Colors base and top coat and use their quick coat so I can move around quicker without smudging which does add to the cost.  But I don’t mind.

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Sinful Colors holds up better than any brand I’ve used and I’ve used the best.

I wait to buy mine when it is on sale at just $.99 a bottle at Walgreens or buy one get one and then stock up.  Watch for sales at other drugstores.  Wal-mart carries it, too.

Love, love, love this polish!

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 4.08.58 PM

NOTE: We did not receive any compensation for this review. It is an honest opinion from my experience with this product.

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