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Maine Toddler Found Alive and Well

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A 3 year old toddler, Hope Lillian Trott from Maine, woke up in the middle of the night and thought her mom had driven to the store without her to buy pizza. She put on her Minnie Mouse outfit and a jacket and started down the street to catch up to her mom.

At 4 am, an employee arrived at the store and found Hope sobbing as she drove up and called law enforcement to the scene. The good news is it had snowed and the police were able to track Hope’s footprints back to her home (about a mile from the store). Police feared the worst when they found the front door of the house wide open. As they entered, the toddler’s sleepy parents and siblings awoke to greet them. Imagine how the family felt when they found police in their home and learned of their baby girl’s outing.

Hope was taken to a local hospital to make sure that she didn’t have any injuries since the temps were down to 29 degrees that night. She was fine. Most stories don’t end like this one. I must admit, I like these stories with happy endings!

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