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How to Make Money with ShareASale Guide

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Are you looking for a new way to monetize your website or blog? ShareASale, a leading affiliate network, might just be the answer you’re seeking. With thousands of merchants, various marketing models, and a user-friendly platform, ShareASale offers an excellent opportunity for affiliates to earn commissions. The most I ever made on this network was $2400/mo for a program that had sign ups for “freebies”.  That was awhile ago as I no longer own that website.  I sold it in 2010.

In a Nutshell

  • ShareASale is a leading affiliate network that connects merchants and affiliates, offering opportunities to generate commissions.
  • Join ShareASale as an affiliate by completing the account setup and verification process while researching products & understanding terms & conditions.
  • Maximize earnings with tips on choosing the right products, using marketing tools, tracking performance & leveraging customer support resources.

Understanding ShareASale: A Leading Affiliate Network

A woman working on her laptop, promoting an affiliate program on ShareASale

ShareASale is a popular affiliate network that connects merchants with affiliates, providing the latter with the opportunity to generate commissions through various marketing models, including the use of affiliate links. With over 4,800 merchants covering a wide range of markets and niche industries, ShareASale makes it possible for affiliates to have an extensive selection of opportunities to earn money through their affiliate link. One might wonder how ShareASale works so effectively in connecting merchants and affiliates.

Founded in 2000, ShareASale has grown into a leading affiliate marketing platform. In 2017, the company was acquired by Awin, a global affiliate network, but continues to operate as a separate brand. ShareASale’s success can be attributed to its user-friendly platform, diverse merchant offerings, and commitment to providing excellent customer support.

The inception of ShareASale

ShareASale was established in 2000 by Brian Littleton and has since experienced significant growth, boasting over 4,000 merchants and 600,000 affiliates. The company’s success can be attributed to its commitment to providing a user-friendly platform for both merchants and affiliates, as well as its focus on offering a diverse range of products and services for affiliates to promote.

As a result of its consistent growth and dedication to providing excellent customer support, ShareASale has been widely recognized as one of the premier affiliate networks globally. This reputation has enabled the company to attract a broad range of affiliates, from beginners to experienced marketers, who are looking for a reliable platform to help them generate income through affiliate marketing.

ShareASale’s acquisition by Awin

In 2017, ShareASale was acquired by Awin, a global affiliate network with over 13,000 advertisers and 100,000 publishers worldwide. This acquisition has allowed ShareASale to benefit from Awin’s resources and expertise, further enhancing its offerings and solidifying its position as a leading affiliate network.

Despite the acquisition, ShareASale continues to operate as a separate brand, maintaining its distinct identity and commitment to providing a user-friendly platform for affiliates and merchants alike. This unique combination of resources and independence allows ShareASale to continue offering a diverse range of products and services, attracting new affiliates and helping them succeed in the world of affiliate marketing.

How to Join ShareASale as an Affiliate

Joining ShareASale as an affiliate is a straightforward process that involves setting up an account and selecting the merchants you wish to promote. Affiliates can then generate referrals to the merchant’s website, earning a commission for any sales that result from these referrals.  Click this link to join

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Providing accurate information during the account setup and verification process is the key to joining ShareASale successfully. Also, it helps to showcase your relevant experience. In the following subsections, we’ll guide you through account setup, verification, and tips for a successful application.

Account setup and verification

When applying for a ShareASale account, you’ll be asked to provide your website URL, a concise description of your website, and the categories that best characterize your website. It’s important to provide accurate and up-to-date information, as this will help ensure a smooth application process.

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Verify your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email sent to you.
  2. After completing the verification process, your application will be reviewed by ShareASale.
  3. You’ll be notified of their decision.
  4. Upon approval, you can start promoting products and earning commissions!

Tips for successful application

An image showcasing the ShareASale logo, an essential tool for successful application.

Doing thorough research on the merchants and products available on ShareASale and selecting those that align with your target audience and niche can increase your chances of a successful application. This will not only help demonstrate your understanding of affiliate marketing but also increase your potential earnings once you start promoting products.

Additionally, make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the ShareASale affiliate program before submitting your application. This will help ensure that you are fully aware of the program’s rules and requirements, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether ShareASale is the right fit for your affiliate marketing goals.

Exploring ShareASale’s Merchant Offerings

ShareASale offers a diverse range of merchants and products, catering to various niche markets and product categories. Whether you’re looking to promote well-known brands or unique, niche products, ShareASale has something to suit your needs and help you generate commissions.

In the following subsections, we’ll take a closer look at ShareASale’s merchant offerings, exploring the differences between big brands and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and providing tips on how to choose the best fit for your audience and niche.

Niche markets and product categories

ShareASale provides affiliate programs in various niche markets, such as:

  • fashion
  • beauty
  • health and wellness
  • home and garden
  • technology
  • lifestyle

With the platform’s vast selection of merchants on Commission Junction, you can find products that perfectly align with your audience’s interests and needs, increasing the likelihood of generating sales and earning commissions.

The ShareASale directory offers 39 distinct categories for you to explore when searching for new niches and products to promote. By focusing on specific niche markets and product categories, you can tailor your promotional efforts to your audience’s interests, increasing the potential for successful conversions and commissions.

Big brands vs. SMEs

Considering the differences between big brands and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) is a crucial step when choosing which merchants to promote on ShareASale. Big brands typically possess greater resources, a wider customer base, and potentially higher commission rates. However, SMEs may offer more personalized customer service and be more flexible in negotiating commission rates.

Ultimately, the decision between promoting big brands or SMEs on ShareASale will depend on your audience’s preferences and your overall marketing strategy. By carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and leads to greater success as an affiliate marketer.

Maximizing Earnings with ShareASale

Choosing the right products to promote, utilizing the platform’s marketing tools, and tracking your performance are key factors to maximize your earnings on ShareASale. By focusing on these key areas, you can optimize your campaigns and increase your chances of success as an affiliate marketer.

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In the following subsections, we’ll provide detailed tips on how to choose the best products to promote, effectively use ShareASale’s marketing tools, and track your performance to optimize your campaigns.

Choosing the right products to promote

When selecting products to promote, consider the product’s relevance to your audience, the commission rate, and the product’s popularity. Additionally, it’s beneficial to research products that have a good conversion rate and are supported by a reliable company.

To find suitable products on ShareASale, use the platform’s search bar to locate products that align with your target audience and niche. Additionally, you can consult the ShareASale blog and merchant directory to identify products tailored to your audience’s needs and preferences.

Utilizing ShareASale’s marketing tools

ShareASale offers a range of marketing tools, including:

  • Banners
  • Text links and short links
  • Product feeds
  • Coupon codes

By leveraging these tools and social media, you can create engaging promotional materials that resonate with your audience and drive conversions.

Additionally, ShareASale provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to assist affiliates in monitoring their performance. By regularly reviewing these reports and making data-driven optimizations to your campaigns, you can improve your overall performance and increase your earnings as an affiliate marketer. In this shareasale review, we will focus on these features and their benefits for affiliates.

Tracking performance and optimizing campaigns

Tracking your performance and optimizing your campaigns is crucial for maximizing your earnings on ShareASale. By utilizing the platform’s reporting tools to monitor clicks, conversions, and sales, you can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven adjustments to your campaigns.

A/B testing can also be an effective method for optimizing your campaigns, as it allows you to compare the performance of different promotional materials, such as banners and text links. By continually monitoring your performance and making necessary adjustments, you can ensure your campaigns are as effective as possible, leading to greater success as an affiliate marketer.

ShareASale’s Payment System Explained

For affiliates looking to make money on the platform, grasping the nuances of ShareASale’s payment system is crucial. In this section, we’ll explain the various payment methods, frequency, and threshold, allowing you to make informed decisions about your earnings and payouts.

ShareASale offers several payment methods, including:

  • Check
  • Direct deposit
  • Wire transfer
  • Payoneer

The minimum payout threshold is $50, and affiliates get paid on the 20th of each month for the preceding month’s activities. By familiarizing yourself with ShareASale’s payment system, you can ensure you receive your earnings in a timely and convenient manner.

Payment methods and preferences

ShareASale provides multiple payment options, including:

  • Check
  • Direct deposit
  • Wire transfer
  • Payoneer

To set your payment preferences on ShareASale, log into your account and access the “Payment Preferences” section.

By selecting the payment method that best suits your needs, you can ensure that your earnings are disbursed in a timely and efficient manner. This allows you to focus on what’s most important – promoting products and generating income through affiliate marketing.

Payment frequency and threshold

ShareASale issues payments to affiliates on the 20th of each month, as per the net 30 model. This means that you’ll receive your earnings for the previous month’s activities on the 20th of the following month.

It’s important to note that:

  • The minimum payout threshold for ShareASale is $50.
  • This means that you’ll need to generate at least $50 in commissions before your earnings are disbursed.
  • By understanding ShareASale’s payment frequency and threshold, you can better manage your cash flow and plan your promotional campaigns accordingly.

Enhancing Your ShareASale Experience

Familiarizing yourself with the platform’s features and tools and leveraging the available customer support are pivotal to get the most out of your ShareASale experience. In this section, we’ll provide tips on navigating the dashboard and making the most of ShareASale’s customer support resources.

From understanding the “At A Glance” and “Activity Feed” features on the dashboard to making the most of ShareASale’s customer support resources, you’ll be well-equipped to enhance your experience and maximize your earnings on the platform.

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Navigating the dashboard

ShareASale’s dashboard provides an overview of your affiliate account performance, including total sales, total commissions, and total clicks, through the “At A Glance” feature. Additionally, the “Activity Feed” feature displays a comprehensive overview of your account activity, such as clicks, sales, and commissions for each individual link.

By familiarizing yourself with these features, you can quickly and easily get started, monitor your performance, and make data-driven decisions about your promotional campaigns. This, in turn, can help you optimize your campaigns and increase your earnings as an affiliate marketer.

Leveraging customer support

ShareASale offers a variety of customer support resources to help affiliates maximize their earnings and navigate the platform efficiently. The knowledge base, while operational, has a dated interface, but can still be a valuable resource for finding answers to common queries.

For additional assistance, ShareASale customer support can be contacted via email or telephone at (312) 321-0487. By taking advantage of these customer support resources, you can ensure that you’re making the most of your ShareASale experience, leading to greater success as an affiliate marketer.

ShareASale Success Stories

Learning from the experiences of successful ShareASale affiliates can provide valuable insights and tips for your own affiliate marketing journey. In this section, we’ll share success stories and advice from affiliates who have achieved impressive results on ShareASale.

From building niche websites to promoting prominent brands and even attaining six-figure incomes, ShareASale affiliates have achieved success in various capacities. By understanding their strategies and learning from their experiences, you can apply these lessons to your own affiliate marketing efforts and maximize your earnings on ShareASale.

Case studies

Successful ShareASale affiliates have employed strategies such as:

  • Leveraging the Merchant Discovery Box to establish new merchant relationships
  • Utilizing ShareASale’s marketing tools
  • Monitoring performance and optimizing campaigns

These case studies offer valuable insights into the effectiveness of ShareASale as a platform for affiliate marketing and the strategies that can lead to success.

By studying these case studies and applying their lessons to your own affiliate marketing efforts, you can increase your chances of success on ShareASale and grow your revenue.

Tips from successful affiliates

Quality content, utilizing marketing tools, and monitoring performance are emphasized by successful ShareASale affiliates to maximize campaigns. By applying these tips and learning from the experiences of others, you can optimize your own affiliate marketing efforts and achieve greater success on ShareASale.

Circling Back Around

ShareASale offers a wealth of opportunities for affiliates to generate income through a diverse range of merchants and products. By understanding the platform, leveraging the available tools and resources, and learning from the experiences of successful affiliates, you can maximize your earnings and achieve success in the world of affiliate marketing. So, what are you waiting for? Start your ShareASale journey today and unlock your earning potential!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really make money with ShareASale?

Based on the provided text, it seems that there is only one paragraph. Here is the split: Paragraph 1: ShareASale is an excellent platform for generating income, with its reputation, reliability, incentives and competitive commission rate. There is definite potential to make money through ShareASale.

Is ShareASale affiliate legit?

ShareASale is a reliable and reputable affiliate marketing program with a long history of successful payments, large variety of merchants, good user ratings and potential for substantial earnings. Therefore, ShareASale is a legit affiliate program.

What is ShareASale?

Based on the provided text, I have split it into two paragraphs: Paragraph 1: ShareASale is an affiliate network that connects merchants and affiliates, enabling the latter to earn commissions through various marketing models. Paragraph 2: It provides a platform for affiliates to gain access to merchant resources and promote their products.

How can I join ShareASale as an affiliate?

To join ShareASale as an affiliate, create an account, choose merchants to promote, and generate referrals.

What types of products and merchants are available on ShareASale?

Based on the provided text, it appears to be a single paragraph. However, to improve readability, I will split it into two paragraphs: Paragraph 1: ShareASale offers a variety of merchants and products, ranging from niche markets to general product categories. Paragraph 2: It is an ideal platform for those looking for diverse product offerings.

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