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Green Vegetables Increase Immunity

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According to some leading Cambridge researchers, there really is a good reason why your daily diet should include healthy servings of fresh, green vegetables.

Research studies conducted in England have shown that chemical compounds in green vegetables can boost the strength and efficiency of the immune system. Bok choy, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are some of the cruciferous vegetables that are able to improve an individual’s natural defensive cells in a relatively short period of time.

It appears that there are some (intra-epithelial) lymphocytic cells that help protect the skin and the digestive tract. While there are many of these immune cells that are present in the body their numbers are quickly reduced by up to 80 percent when green vegetables are eliminated from the diet. This drop in cellular immunity occurs in as little time as 14-21 days.

A protein compound known as an Aryl Hydrocarbon receptor crucial to the proper functioning of these immune boosting cells. The AHr (aryl hydrocarbon receptors) are able to promote high numbers of these protective cells which in turn leads to maximum efficiency and strength of the immune system. Now that a direct link can be shown between the number of Aryl Hydrocarbon receptors and green vegetables it is easier to encourage people to add immunity boosting green veggies to their diet. While this does not mean that green vegetables are a ‘fountain of youth’ these foods may very well have a more important role to play in the human diet.

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