make your own christmas essential oil recipeThese DIY Christmas essential oils blends will make your home smell just like Christmas.  A couple of years ago, my married daughter called to see if I had a holiday essential oil blend that she could use in her difuser.  I had been experimenting with my oils and found a few recipes online that I came to like.

Honestly, I haven’t purchased any essential oils from the MLM companies in years. Why would I do that when I can get organic oils here. They will tell you that other oils just aren’t as good. That might be the case for some, but from my research that has not been the case. And I did a lot of research on them.

Some of us essential oil lovers already have these oils on hand so it makes sense to blend some together to make the mood merrier. Add some Michael Buble’ Christmas music and a cup of hot cocoa and the mood is perfect!

Grab a dark colored essential oil bottle to put your blend in and mix away. Make sure when you shake the bottle after you add all the oils together, do so gently. After you have your blend ready, put about 5 or so drops into your difuser. I’d make sure the bottle has a reducer or dropper so as not to waste any. Add water if your difuser requires it.

Another option is to make a few bottles up, personalize with a label and give it out as an early Christmas gift to neighbors, families and friends who use EOs.  If you want, tweet or share on Facebook and Instagram so others can enjoy these homemade Christmas recipes too.

Christmas Spice Blend #1

8 drops of Cinnamon essential oil
10 drops of Clove Bud essential oi
6 drops of Orange essential oil
1 drop of Lemongrass essential oil

Christmas Spice Blend #2

20 drops of Bay Leaf essential oil
20 drops of Mandarin essential oil
10 drops of Cinnamon essential oil
10 drops of Ginger essential oil

Peppermint Spice Blend

40 drops Peppermint essential oil
15 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil

Christmas Tree Blend

20 drops organic Douglas Fir essential oil
10 drops organic Cypress essential oil
10 drops organic Orange essential oil
5 drops organic Nutmeg essential oil

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