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Brassy Hair Corrector Purple Shampoo Review

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Purple ShampooI was in our local Walgreens drugstore looking for a purple correcting purple shampoo to help get rid of my brassy hair color as it had overtaken my blonde hair. It had been dyed due to gray streaks in the wrong places and getting to the point for a touch up dye job but I needed a few weeks before undertaking that task.

While scanning the shampoo shelf, this purple bottle popped out at me by John Frieda, Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Restoring Shampoo. After using several of John Frieda’s hair products in the past, I didn’t hesitate when considering buying this shampoo. After purchasing it, I promptly took it home to apply to my no longer beautiful locks. That soon was not the case.

This tone restoring shampoo by John Frieda actually did exactly as the product promised. After the second shampoo, I noticed considerable improvement and the brassy color on my hair was now completely gone. Using it once a week keeps my color job looking fresh. However, using it more often, tends to dry my hair out, so be forewarned.

If you have unwanted brassiness in dark hair, you may want to try a different product. This shampoo is just for lighter hair. If you want to brighten your blonde locks and get rid of that brassy hair color, this product will do the trick. You only have to use a couple times to see a difference. It’s priced way less than some of the brands you will see in the salon. The price I paid was just around $5, not too shabby! This one beats other similar products hands down with regard to cleansing thoroughly, lathering well, smelling great and it works.

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What I like:

  • Adds Shine
  • Adds Volume
  • Cleans Thoroughly
  • Gentle
  • Great Smell
  • Improves Hair Health
  • Lathers Well
  • Affordable

Note: I did not receive any compensation nor did I receive any free products for this review. This is my honest opinion regarding the product, John Frieda’s, Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Restoring Shampoo.

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