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Bloomchic vs Shein: Which is Better

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If you are looking for plus size clothing that is fashionable, trendy and affordable, two brands have carved out significant niches for themselves Bloomchic and Shein.  While both are considered as affordable fashion, they both have . While both are considered affordable fashion brands, let’s take a look at their strengths and weaknesses, to provide a clearer picture for consumers.

In a Nutshell

  1. Target Market: Bloomchic focuses on plus-size women, promoting size inclusivity, whereas Shein targets a broader demographic with a focus on trendy, fast fashion.
  2. Pricing Strategy: Both brands are affordable, but Shein stands out for its exceptionally low prices.
  3. Product Range: Shein offers a more extensive range of products compared to Bloomchic.
  4. Quality and Sustainability: Both brands face challenges in product quality and ethical practices, common issues in the fast fashion industry.
  5. Customer Experience: Bloomchic’s focus on a user-friendly website and positive marketing contrasts with Shein’s vast, sometimes overwhelming, product range.

Where do you like to shop?


Woman trying to decide on Bloomchic or Shein marketplaces.

Bloomchic Overview – Pros and Cons

Bloomchic has emerged as a champion of size inclusivity in the fashion industry. Founded with the mission to offer trendy and affordable clothing for plus-size women, Bloomchic has gained popularity for its wide range of sizes and commitment to catering to a diverse array of body types. The brand’s focus on creating a positive shopping experience for plus-size consumers sets it apart in a market often criticized for lacking inclusivity.

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  1. Size Inclusivity: Emphasizes inclusivity with a wide range of sizes, catering to a diverse array of body types.
  2. Affordable Pricing: Offers competitive prices with frequent sales, making fashion more accessible.
  3. Style Variety: Provides a diverse range of styles, catering to different tastes.
  4. User-Friendly Website: Easy navigation and clear categorization on the website.
  5. Positive Marketing: Focuses on inclusivity and diversity in its marketing efforts.

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  1. Inconsistent Clothing Quality: Some items might vary in quality.
  2. Customer Service Issues: Customer service experiences can be mixed, with some facing delays or less responsive support.
  3. Limited Information on Sustainability: Lack of clear information regarding environmental and ethical practices.
  4. Shipping and Return Hassles: Some customers experience shipping delays and cumbersome return processes.


Shein Overview – Pros and Cons

Thumbnail of Shein Curve website
On the other hand, Shein has taken the world by storm as a global behemoth in the fast fashion sector. Known for its incredibly vast selection of trendy clothing at very low prices, Shein appeals to a wide demographic seeking contemporary styles without breaking the bank. The brand’s agility in adapting to the latest fashion trends and its efficient digital platform has made it a go-to destination for fashion-forward individuals.


  1. Extensive Product Range: Offers a vast array of products covering various styles and categories.
  2. Highly Affordable: Known for very low prices, making it extremely budget-friendly.
  3. Trendy and Fast Fashion: Quickly adapts to the latest fashion trends, offering contemporary styles.
  4. Easy-to-Use Platform: The website and app are user-friendly with efficient search and filter options.


  1. Quality Concerns: The quality of products can be hit or miss, with some items not living up to expectations.
  2. Ethical and Environmental Issues: Shein has faced criticism for its fast fashion model, raising concerns about sustainability and labor practices.
  3. Sizing Inconsistencies: Customers often report inconsistencies in sizing, making it difficult to find the right fit.
  4. Overwhelming Selection: The vast range of products can be overwhelming and hard to navigate for some.
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Circling Back Around

Bloomchic and Shein, while sharing the common ground of affordable fashion, exhibit distinct identities and operational philosophies. Bloomchic’s commitment to size inclusivity and creating a positive experience for plus-size consumers is commendable, albeit with areas for improvement in quality and sustainability.

Shein, with its vast array of trendy products and aggressive pricing, caters to a broad audience but faces significant scrutiny over quality and ethical practices. As consumers become increasingly conscious of these factors, both brands may need to adapt and address these challenges to maintain their appeal and market position. Ultimately, the choice between Bloomchic and Shein depends on individual preferences and priorities, be it size inclusivity, fashion trends, pricing, or ethical considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BloomChic a fast fashion brand?

Yes, BloomChic is considered a fast fashion brand. It frequently updates its collections with trendy, affordable plus-size clothing, catering specifically to plus-size women.

What are the main differences between BloomChic and Shein?

The key difference between BloomChic and Shein is their focus: BloomChic specializes in trendy plus-size fashion at affordable prices, while Shein offers a wide range of sizes and styles at extremely low prices, appealing to a broader audience.

How does BloomChic address sustainability and quality concerns?

BloomChic claims to prioritize quality and is making efforts towards sustainable fashion practices. However, customer reviews show mixed opinions on product durability and the effectiveness of their sustainability efforts.

Why is Shein often criticized in the context of fast fashion?

Shein is frequently criticized for its fast fashion model due to its extremely low prices, high production volumes, and concerns about sustainability, ethical labor practices, and environmental impact.

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Is BloomChic a good option for plus-size fashion?

Yes, BloomChic is a great option for plus-size women looking for trendy and affordable fashion. The brand specializes in stylish clothing designed to fit and flatter plus-size figures.

How do Shein’s prices compare to BloomChic’s prices?

Shein typically offers lower prices than BloomChic, making it one of the cheapest options for trendy fashion. BloomChic’s pricing is competitive in the plus-size market but may be slightly higher compared to Shein’s broad range of extremely low-cost items.

Can I find the latest fashion trends at BloomChic and Shein?

Yes, both BloomChic and Shein are excellent for finding the latest fashion trends. They frequently update their collections to reflect current styles, offering a wide range of trendy items.

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