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Bissell Vacuum Review, A Great Little Vacuum

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This review is about a Bissell vacuum, in particular, the Bissell Powergroom Helix Rewind. Over the years I’ve had Dyson, Hoover, Eureka, Bissell and just about every other brand of upright vacuum out there. So when my last upright broke thanks to improper usage by my son when he used it to clean out his car, I started looking for reviews on Amazon.

What I found over the years from previous purchases was alarming in that even the high end vacuums ceased operating after a relatively short period of time, my Dyson specifically. I expected more for what I paid for with this expensive machine.

I figure if expensive vacuums break just as often as their cheaper counterparts, I’ll just buy the less expensive vacuum. I settled on the Bissell Powergroom Helix Rewind which had great reviews for about $80. I also opted for the two year warranty at Wal-mart for $7. This little machine is amazing. It picks up really well but the best part is that the turbo brush tool is great with pet hair. In fact, it did a better job at getting pet hair off my stairs than my Dyson did. I have a long haired German Shepherd dog and this feature was one of the most important ones to me.

The cons of this machine… I can only think of one, emptying the bagless bin is a dirty job. Pros? Many, this vacuum is lightweight, has automatic cord rewind and a very nice smelling Febreze filter that eliminates odors and freshens as you vacuum. The warranty that came with the machine is for two years. Add that to the inexpensive $7 two year warranty that I purchased and that’s 4 years! I give this little vacuum 4 stars. Would have been a 5, but I really dislike emptying the bagless bin where dust and dirt go everywhere. For me, the tradeoffs are worth it.

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Exclusive Helix System protects the motor while extending filter life for longer lasting pickup performance

  • Non-Stop Suction
  • Febreze filter eliminates odors and freshens as you vacuum
  • One Touch Cord Rewind for fast and easy cord storage
  • Large capacity dirt container requires less emptying, which means fewer trips to the garbage can
  • Dual Edge Cleaning provides Surround Suction to clean hard to reach places like baseboards and around furniture
The advantages of a Helix cleaning system
The unique Helix cleaning system captures dirt and other debris using internal “ribs” that are incorporated into the Easy Empty™ Dirt Cup. This forces large particles, dust and other debris down to the bottom of the tank instead of up into the filter, helping the vacuum to work more effectively longer.


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