While Covid is definitely putting a damper on celebrating with some of our moms on Mother’s Day, here are some ideas that you can do to let your mom know how very special she is to you. Certainly eating at a restaurant is off the table but you can choose to have a front yard picnic with everyone 6 feet apart. Of course, we are talking less than 10 people as specified in many states as the limit.  Plus everyone must bring their own picnic blanket.  Be sure to put hand sanitizer out for everyone to use before they eat.  Bring throw away plates, cups and utensils and a trash bag to toss everything.  Have everyone take with them what they brought and you are good to go.  Tip: Have everyone use the bathroom just before they leave to go to Mom’s house.

If the picnic idea isn’t one that will work for you, why not take advantage of the digital options like Facetime. Plan a dinner or lunch date to enjoy with your mom via video chat? You can even coordinate what you plan to eat so you can make the “get-together” as realistic as possible.

You could send your mom a bottle of champagne or her favorite bottle of wine.  You might want to order a dinner to be delivered from her favorite restaurant. And, again, do the same for you, much like what we mentioned above. Even in my neck of the woods (I live in the suburbs) food delivery services that didn’t use to deliver have expanded their delivery areas. Door Dash and Grubhub have also been kind enough to extend their reach to those who were normally less fortunate to have food delivered.  Think outside the box and pick up the phone to see what other options you may have. And of course sending your mom her favorite flowers is always a beautiful gesture.  If ordering food or flowers, order early as this Mother’s Day will be especially busy for them.

If you find you didn’t order fast enough and need a last minute alternative, you can throw a Netflix Party.  Thanks to a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party, groups of friends/siblings/families can get together virtually and watch their favorite Netflix titles on their computers at the same time. The extension also comes with a chat room, so you and Mom can share your reactions as you watch.

Another last minute idea is to deck our your car and have your kids hold affectionate signs while driving by your mom’s house beeping the horn.

Video chats can be quite entertaining.  If you have kids you could have them perform magic tricks or if you play the Piano, play her a tune.  So many options here!

Let’s Do A Recap:

  1. Picnic
  2. Dinner Delivery
  3. Dinner over Video Chat
  4. Flowers
  5. Netflix Party
  6. Video Chat Performance

Put on your creative thinking caps and come up with something truly unique.  This Mother’s Day could end up be an especially good one.  In any case, it will be a day to talk about for years to come!


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