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DIY Fabric Softener: 6 Easy Recipes

  • 10 min read

  Why spend extra money on store-bought fabric softeners filled with chemicals and artificial fragrances? There’s a better way to achieve soft, fresh-smelling laundry without breaking the bank or harming the environment. Introducing DIY fabric softener: simple, cost-effective, non-toxic and eco-friendly alternatives that are gentle on your clothes and your family’s skin. Here are six… 

Finished bath bombs made from a bath bomb recipe

Easy Bath Bomb Recipe: DIY Bath Bombs at Home

  • 16 min read

Jump to Section:Key TakeawaysGathering Your Bath Bomb IngredientsChoosing the Right Essential OilSelecting Natural ColorantsSimple DIY Bath Bomb RecipeCombining Dry IngredientsIncorporating Wet IngredientsMolding and Drying ProcessCustomizing Your DIY Bath BombsCreating Multi-Colored Bath BombsAdding Relaxing ElementsTroubleshooting Common Bath Bomb IssuesFixing Cracked Bath BombsEnsuring Maximum FizzStoring and Gifting DIY Bath BombsProper Storage TechniquesCreative Gifting IdeasKid-Friendly Bath Bomb Recipe…